Spray a New Roof on Your Building

Spray a New Roof on Your Building

Silicone roofing systems in Flint, TX

How’s the flat roof on your Flint, Texas building looking? If it’s seen better days, it might be time to upgrade to a silicone roof coating. The sprayable coatings Accurate Roof Systems installs are:

  • 90% solid
  • 10% solvent
  • 97% reflective

Plus, they do not deteriorate. Reach out to Accurate Roof Systems to learn more about this highly durable roofing option.

We know you’re busy running your company. We won’t waste your time with an unnecessary on-site visit before the project even begins. We use software to collect accurate measurements of our clients’ roofs, then send estimates via QuickBooks. Call 903-894-6418 to learn more about our efficient processes.

What types of buildings need spray roofing?

It’s not all office parks for the Accurate Roof Systems crew. We can install silicone roof coatings on all types of commercial buildings, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Historic landmarks
  • New office buildings
  • Old theaters
  • Schools

Do you need a roof installed ASAP? We can install up to 12,000 square feet of roofing per day. Speak with an Accurate Roof Systems roofer today about your timeline.