Commercial structures need more upkeep than traditional residential roofs. This is due to two major reasons:
  • Commercial roofs are typically flat
  • Commercial roofs are seldom seen

With these two factors in mind, let’s cover the 5 best tips to make your roof last years beyond their warranty.

5 Best Tips To Make Your Commercial Roof Last Years Longer

1. Upgrade To Silicone Roofing

Silicone roofing is what we recommend to make any roof material or structure last years beyond when they should decay.

Not only is it fantastic at keeping your energy bills low, but it’s like putting armor on your roof – thin, sprayable armor.

This armor protects against debris and damaging materials that may wind up on your roof, as well as, withstands the pooling that flat commercial roofs are typically prone to.

Upgrading to silicone roofing can dramatically help your roof last throughout the harshness of every season for years to come.

2. Frequent Inspection

Commercial roofs aren’t typically exposed to the street level eyesight. Therefore, you don’t typically concern yourself with inspecting it.

But, if you want to ensure it last longer you have to get up there and inspect it, especially if there are trees hanging over the structure.

There are a few areas on your roof prone to damage so take a close look.

Get up there and walk it around once a month to ensure there are no masses of leaves, branches, or various debris pieces from the parts of your roof.

Also, inspect the roof to ensure no pieces of your roofing material are peeling up or tearing away.

If you upgrade to a silicone roof with Accurate Roof Systems we provide annual inspections with thermal imaging and expert roofers for very low prices.

3. Repair Damage Right Away

The worst thing you can do with an old or damaged roof is to ignore repairing it when it’s needed.

One of the worst things about damaged roofs is that they have micro-leaks.

The worst things about micro leaks are that they pool under the surface without you knowing.

This rots away at your roof structure and causes caving and collapsing.

During your inspections, you should either conduct quick patches and contact a roofing specialist (even if it’s not us!) to ensure the proper repairs are made to your roof.

4. Keep Records Of Repairs & Work

There’s a lot of frustration whenever you have roof inspections and repairs that aren’t documented.

This is because you either assume they’ve been done so you don’t bother verifying they’ve been done (and put your roof’s integrity in jeopardy), or you end up checking your roof way more often than necessary.

To mitigate this, keep a running calendar of each time your roof needs to be checked and simply check it.

Also, keep the documents on warranties and professional roof work so that you can stay up to date on your roof’s health.

5. Clean Your Roof Properly

When you’re inspecting your roof or after professionals have made repairs make sure you properly clean your roof.

This means taking a broom up there to remove dirt that’s built up or keeping the debris off of it.

During this time you need to be careful not to pull up your roofing material while also disposing of the removed items properly.

Don’t use any hard implements to remove debris and make sure you don’t allow harmful areas to break down your roof.

Curious about getting a silicone roof quote for your commercial structure?

Let us know and we can get a pro out to you to upgrade your roof’s health and future!

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