Roof Inspection

While it’s important to have your roof inspected any time of the year, it becomes increasingly essential during the winter. Inspections will alert you to any possible issues, and can help to prevent leaks from occurring. Things like missing, broken, or cracked shingles can easily result in a leaking roof once freezing rain hits or snow starts falling on it. Theoretically, you should address any issues before the first snowfall in order to prevent wetness from seeping into your home.  The earlier you can get a roof inspection done the better! While East Texas rarely sees snowfall, it has been known to hit!

Roof Ventilation

It’s important to continuously inspect your roof ventilation during the winter, too. This is crucial because poor ventilation and insulation coming from your attic can make your home stay cold during the winter, even when your heat is on. And not only will it chill your home, but it can cause ice dams to form as well.


When it comes to winter roof maintenance, many people don’t even think of checking their gutters. It’s imperative that gutters are clean and free of debris in order for the water from melted snow and ice to pass through them properly. Make sure that your gutters are not damaged in any way either.

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