If you want your roof to make it through the winter, inspecting your roof every fall is CRUCIAL.  Colder temperatures, wind and rain will test even the best roof, so inspecting it in the fall is always a good idea. This will give you plenty of time to make necessary replacements and repairs.

Check out these 6 crucial roof maintenance tips for fall:

1. Inspect the Attic

To know if your roof is in good shape, sometimes the best way is to inspect the interior surface of your attic. Take a flashlight and check out the attic’s ceiling, beams and insulation. Do you detect moisture from leaks? Are there any patches of sunlight getting through? Is your insulation still in good shape? If you see anything concerning but aren’t sure how to address it, give the professionals at Accurate Roof Systems a call today.  (903) 894-6418

2. Shingle Repair

Fall is the ideal time to replace damaged shingles, in an effort to provide protection for underlying roofing materials against moisture or wind damage. We don’t recommend taking on a task of this magnitude by yourself. Contact Accurate Roof systems today to make any necessary shingle repairs. (903) 894-6418

3. Chimney Problems

Your roof’s chimney and vents are vital parts of the roofing material’s components. When these items are defective, you can’t just let them sit. These problems should be addressed immediately before winter sets in. Not only can they detract from the value and longevity of your roof, they can pose a safety danger. Missing mortar, brick or metal on ventilation systems can cause sparks, which can land on the roofing materials and result in a fire.

4. Gutter Cleaning

Downspouts and rain gutters are integral components of your rooftop drainage system. If these are backed up with debris, moisture won’t run off the roof fast enough to keep damage at bay. When moisture is allowed to stay on a rooftop, it can result in degraded shingles and rotting wood.

5. Trim Trees

Do you have large trees in close proximity to your house? Overhanging tree branches can puncture or scrape your roof material. This is a good time to trim those branches back, which will also serve to keep leaves off your roof or in the gutter. Bonus: it will keep critters like squirrels from getting onto your roof.

6. Rooftop Inspection

A thorough and professional inspection is recommended in the fall. You can only do so much from the ground. Getting protection for your home is as simple as having it inspected every fall.  Call the experts at Accurate Roof Systems today to schedule your FREE inspection!  

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