Metal roofs have a great appeal. They’re cheap, simple, and sturdy.

However, they have a few downsides that make them a bit of a risk.

Don’t let that scare you.

They’re a fantastic option for most situations but in order to make them last much longer than their warranties cover you need one simple solution – silicone roofing.

What Is Silicone Roofing?

Silicone roofing is a sprayable material that is applied over an existing roof for the purpose of increasing the roof’s quality and lifespan.

It’s like paint that can act like a suit of armor.

What Does Silicone Roofing Do For Metal Roofs?

Silicone does for metal roofs what it also does for every other kind of roof.

There are 3 main perks to applying Silicone Roofing to roofs:

1. Seal Leaks

The issue with most roofs is that they get things called “micro-leaks”.

Like it sounds, they can get very tiny leaks in them that you can’t see with the naked eye until they start pouring through your ceiling.

Silicone solves this issue by using its base primer and sturdy top coat to layer durable silicone over the top.

In addition to this, when inspecting the roof, the silicone application company, like Accurate Roof Systems, will scan your roof for water pockets using thermal scanners.

This way damage can be assessed and managed before the actual top coat goes on.

One of the best parts of its protective capabilities is that it can adhere to those difficult areas like screws, joints, and other facets of your roof like chimneys and exhaust vents.

2. Protect Against Damage

Silicone does a great job of securing the roof against future damage as well.

With metal roofs, there are tons of debris that like to collect on them.

Silicone can protect against most damage your roof faces.

While it may not stop a fully grown tree, it can protect against larger branches and debris build up.

3. Lower Cooling Costs

The most noticeable difference maker, it lowers your bills!

It is 97% UV reflective and energy star rated.

It typically stays about 20-80 degrees cooler than your typical uncoated roof, and it can drop your energy bills drastically during those hot, sunny months.

Why Does It Work So Well For Metal Roofs?

Regardless of whether the structure is a commercial buildingresidential home, barn, or workshop, metal roofs benefit from silicone coating so much because they soak up heat like a sponge.

You’ve seen the videos of people cooking food in metal skillets on a hot day right?

That’s what your metal roof does to your building in the heat!

It cooks everyone and everything inside of it.

Silicone is able to make an immediate impact on cooling down your structure and it comes with tons of other benefits for metal roofs.

Metal roofs require maintenance when screws come loose or debris is on it.

That debris can work its way through cracks, pull screws out, and puncture the unprotected areas of your roof to cause leaks and damage.

Silicone acts a shield over that metal roof to keep it lasting way longer than the warranties expect it to!

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