Beware of the Storm Chaser 

These “companies” make their living off of mother nature.  Roaming from town to town or even state to state, following the latest storm that is sure to leave damaged homes in its wake.  These guys have no intention of following through with the job. They will take your deposit, often promising to “waive your deductible”, and blow out of town at a higher speed than the wind that caused the damage. Verify their physical address, website, reviews and references to weed these guys out.

A License for Liability

The state of Texas does NOT require a license to be a roofer.  This means they have no requirements, such as any general liability insurance or worker’s compensation.  General Liability protects you from any damage caused to your property by the ROOFER! You assume the risk of expense if damage is caused and they refuse to pay for it. If a company does not have worker’s compensation, and an injury occurs, the worker can sue you or file a claim on your home insurance since they were on your property when they were hurt. Always verify they have both before you allow them to begin work, or even inspect your roof.

Deductible Dilemma

A company waiving your deductible may lead to you waving goodbye to your insurance policy.  Many carriers are waiting until the job is complete to request a copy of the cashed deductible check issued to the company by their client.  If it can not be produced, they will hold the amount out of the depreciated funds (final check) and you may get a notice that your coverage has been dropped due to breaching the contract you had with them.

We can’t protect you from the storm, but we CAN protect you from the storm chasers!