One of the biggest hassles with roofing companies is that, once the warranty on a new roof expires, so does the concern from the company that installed it.

And far too often, the roof conveniently starts leaking right after the warranty is up.

This means that your roof, that shouldn’t have gone out, is now going to cost you even more money to repair and solve.

With that being said, you need a better solution to preserve the life of your roof, minimize money spent on repairs, and to guarantee your roof’s integrity.

That’s where the Commercial Roof Maintenance Program comes in.

What Is The Commercial Roof Maintenance Program?

This is a program offered by us at Accurate Roof Systems, that provides peace of mind over your roof’s health and can help minimize costly roof repairs from neglectful roofing companies.

Accurate Roof Systems will come out annually to inspect your roof and take measures and steps to ensure the roof’s integrity is maintained.

This program is offered to those who have purchased a silicone roof simply because it’s the best way to ensure the integrity of the high grade silicone.

Regardless of roof type, they all have various “usual suspects” when it comes to roofing damage and leaks.

And this also can be applied to any commercial or residential structure.

All buildings can benefit from this service.

Let’s look at what all it includes.

What Does It Include?

Here’s the four things included in the CRMP.

1. Annual Roof Survey

Once a year, professional, certified roofers from Accurate Roof Systems will come out and do their yearly inspection.

2. Remove Damaging Debris

During their inspection, the roofers will remove any harmful or potentially damaging sources.

Often times we don’t get up on our roof to clean it up until a large branch falls on it, Christmas lights need to go up or down, or we have a leak.

Once we are up there, we realize how dirty they really are and how much is on them that can contribute to leaks and damage.

These sources are usually

  • Excess roofing material
  • Built up leaves and pine needles
  • Excess dirt
  • Various metal pieces (screws, bindings, etc…)
  • Damaged shingles/metal shears/other roof types

3. Inspecting For Penetrations And Leaks

We inspect every roof for leaks and penetrations during our annual sweep of the structure.

Whenever anyone is on your roof doing any work, the chances of them leaving something up there on accident get much higher.

For instance, chimney sweeps, HVAC repairmen, or your uncle hanging lights have a tendency to leave screws, or other harmful, sharp objects up there.

One misstep and you can push that debris through your roof material and puncture your roof.

This is just one example. We have seen roof’s before that looked like a battlefield for neighborhood squirrels.

Point being, you need to inspect for penetrations and leaks. We can do so with thermal scanning to detect leaks under the roof surface, close seam inspection, and overall passes to verify your roof is in great integrity.

Without this, small, unnoticed leaks could turn into projects costing thousands of dollars.

4. Repairing Finds

We report any finds to you, and provide a free estimate for repairs.

Even if we don’t do the repairs, we provide the inspection and estimate free of excess charge (outside of the CRMP charges you already pay).

Once we have the green light to repair, we will fix the issue and install our silicone roofing over it (usually) to ensure your roof has substantial protection and warranty.


For around $0.12 cents per square foot per year, the Commercial Roof Maintenance Program can help ensure the health of your roof is maintained throughout whatever weather is thrown at it.

That’s it. No catch. No gimmicks. Just great value.

If you’re interested in having your roof inspected for free to see about a silicone roof or our Commercial Roof Maintenance Program just click below to get a free estimate!